Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Maybe I Should Have Become a Flight Attendant?

Often I wonder if I should have been a flight attendant. It seems to be a pretty cool job. Flight attendants get to talk to friendly people while flying the friendly skies and travel the world too. (I laugh as I write this because I'm witnessing a rude passenger right now.)

I definitely enjoy participating in conversations with cool people and I love to travel; however, I don't think I could handle being forced to say,

"Please turn off and stow your electronic devices or we will not be able to take off."

I believe this to be a multifaceted inappropriate statement.

Do powered on electronic devices, with or without wifi connection, really interfere with air traffic controls? Why do electronic devices have to be put away? Can anyone really tell if they're on or not? Why are they throwing out an empty threat? Is this for real?