Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Comments of Krystalle's Educational Progress in the New Hampshire Home Education Program

Whoa.  I wish all children could have such a tremendous learning opportunity as Krystalle did this past school year.  I wholeheartedly believe that Krystalle learned more during her sixth grade year (and became a more passionate learner) than most students are able to achieve in one school year because of the fabulous opportunities she was given.  She truly benefited from not being tied to the locational and scheduling constraints of a brick and mortar school.

Krystalle Peri studied Language Arts, World Cultures, Reading and Science with the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (for a total of eight segments) in which did extremely well.  Each teacher Krystalle worked with was a certified and highly qualified teacher.   Krystalle studied spelling within her VLACS Language Arts and Reading courses and also worked to become a better speller with supplemental material that corresponded to her zone of proximal development.  For math, Krystalle worked with her mom who utilized many wonderful educational resources that extensively covered all grade level mathematical standards.

During this past school year Krystalle became a lifelong reader as she read books on subjects in which she is genuinely passionate about learning.  Her reading journal contains thirty one books including: Reiki The Healing Touch First and Second Degree Manual, LaHoChi HIgh Frequency Hands on Healing, and Emotional Release and Cellular Support Techniques as well as many “grade level” fictional books.

Krystalle took courses and became certified as a Reiki 1 & 2 practitioner.  She became certified in LaHoChi (another balancing modality).  Krystalle, with part of her family, went to Texas to learn about Emotional Release Cellular Support Technique and eDNA.  She also became a certified babysitter.

Krystalle and her family created a Gratitude Path in their backyard over Thanksgiving Weekend (pictured above).  Albert Einstein walked one hundred steps of gratitude each day of his adult life, saying “thank you” with each step.  Krystalle used her Gratitude Path during the school year to take mental health breaks and to get some exercise in fresh air.  

Krystalle and her family also constructed a dream board (pictured above) that is displayed in their living room.  Dream boards help people visualize goals and develop a plan of action so dreams and goals come to fruition.  

Art and music was a very important focus for Krystalle.  She designed her bedroom which included assisting in picking out paint colors, arranging furniture as well as preparing for and painting her walls. What an awesome and authentic art project!  Krystalle also attended many musical and artistic events throughout the school year.


During the election, Krystalle learned about the United States Government and even got to meet Mr. Vice President Biden (pictured above).

Math and science was incorporated into several cooking and baking opportunities.  

It is my professional opinion that Krystalle’s homeschool experience was ideal because of all the academic, social and emotional growth she made.  I hope that someday brick and mortar schools will become a place where these great passion based/outside the box learning opportunities regularly occur.