Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Letter to Staff re My Weeding Process

Dearest Memorial Staff Members,

My amazing mentor, Susan Disanto, puts it best, “Like movies, books have a shelf life.” I am in the process of weeding our library. At this time, I have only finished weeding the picture books. Although there are various exceptions, here is my typical weeding criteria:

  • Circulation: if the book has been only checked out a couple of times during the last five years, I may have weeded it.  
  • Condition: if the book is stained, smelly, and/or has broken bindings and/or torn pages, I may have weeded it.
  • Copyright Date: if the book is outdated, I may have weeded it.
  • Quantity: if we had multiple copies of wonderful books such as The Little Engine That Could, I may have weeded some and left one. We only need multiple copies of titles with high circulation.

In the May 2016 issue of American Libraries: The Magazine of the American Library Association is a helpful article, “Weeding without Worry: Transparency and communication helps ease weeding woes.” Rebecca Vnuk advises librarians to, “explain that the library is making room for new materials, making the shelves easier to navigate, and replacing outdated information with current information.”

Weeded picture books and magazines
During your class library time, or anytime, during the rest of the school year, please go into the book room to take any of the weeded books you would like for your classroom library. The weeded books are on the left with a weeded book sign and will be organized alphabetically. (Please place a sticker over the library barcode, indicating your class, so the weeded books don’t come back to the library.) Please also invite any students into the book room to take books they would like to keep at home. The remaining weeded books will be donated to Big Hearted Books on June 16th. Disclaimer: I’m still not finished so please check the book room often. This tedious process is taking me a long, LONG time.

Please add any books (old and/or new) you’d like me to purchase for the library onto this document. And please remind students that they can request books we don’t yet have, or are not in, through their Follett Destiny account.

If you have any questions, comments, and/or concerns, please let me know.


Check out: Jennifer LeGarde's Keeping Your Collection Smelling F.R.E.S.H

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