Friday, September 14, 2018

Play with Puppy

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I read Steven Layne (author) and Ard Hoyt’s (illustrator) brand new book, Play with Puppy, to most students at Pine Glen this week. The kids love, love, love it!

Some student reviews:

“I like how the words matched the drawings.” - Liam

“I love how Steven used ‘everybunny’ instead of ‘everybody’ was so funny!” -Morgan

“I like how a bunny wanted a puppy...usually bunnies and puppies don’t like each other.” -Addie

“I think Steven did a great job making the story realistic because at first the main character didn’t like his puppy so much, because he took too much of his time, and then at the end, he realized how much he loves his puppy.” -Lena

“I love how much effort and detail Steven and Ard put into Play with Puppy.” -Sophia

“It was cute and funny and adorable and I can’t even describe how much I love it.” -Sam

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