Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, I moved to New Hampshire after graduating from high school in order to attend the University of New Hampshire.  I received my bachelor’s degree in history in 2002.   After completing a yearlong internship in a fifth grade classroom at North Hampton School, I received a master’s degree in elementary education in 2003, from UNH.   

The University of New Hampshire Literacy Institutes and Learning Through Teaching program continues to immerse me in teaching literacy with passion.  I encourage my students to become devoted and talented readers and writers to learn without limits and to accomplish all dreams and aspirations.  My students choose what genres and topics in which to read and write to build their passions.  I model the strategies good readers and writers use to my students and guide them to independently incorporate these approaches.

I worked at Kensington Elementary School as a fifth grade teacher for eight years and a curriculum coordinator/literacy coach for a year. While teaching at Kensington Elementary School, I participated in many committees; though, Powerful Learning Practice: Professional Development for Connected Educators made the largest impact on me as an educator.  PLP transformed me to build a Personal Learning Network (PLN) in order to globally connect and collaborate with other teachers who are open to reflection and growth.  

I believe that all humans truly learn if they’re passionate about what and how they learn.  I strive to inspire my students to become real readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, historians and _____________________(fill in the blank).

I believe in fostering deep thinking and a love of learning into students as I employ connected learning strategies and encourage them to collaborate and create projects that enhance their lives beyond school.  

As a connected educator, I am not a gatekeeper of information.  Students and I explore the learning process together.  I model how I conduct research with tools and mentor texts as I share my revolving thoughts.  Then my students become passionate learners because they have the freedom to be creative as they take ownership to research their true inquiries and learn by doing.  I customize each student’s learning plan so that it is unique, applicable and motivating as I guide them to reflect, set goals and revise their goals.

My students and I learn via a plethora of connected tools that make it possible for students to have a wide range of exemplars.  Therefore, expectations are clearly communicated so my students can demonstrate their deeper thoughts and acquired knowledge (including, but not limited to, the Common Core State Standards).  

Thanks to these tools, my students have an authentic purpose because they learn tools that will help them in the real world.  They are motivated to create and publish their best work for their authentic audience.  And, they receive limitless feedback to push their thinking deeper.

Now with connected learning, we can learn anything, from anywhere, at anytime!

As a classroom teacher in a brick and mortar school, I implemented the Responsive Classroom approach; I trust that students develop greater academic success having been part of a physically and emotionally safe, respectful and responsible learning environment.  I used the Open Circle program to teach students explicit techniques to calm down with deep breaths, conduct positive self-talk and express appropriate feelings.  Utilizing the Open Circle curriculum also helps students learn how to solve problems as well as determine the difference between destructive and annoying behaviors.  I truly believe that if all children learned and utilized these skills, world peace could eventually be attained.

I consult, teach grad courses and present on how to blend the teaching literacy best practices with connected learning.

Currently I am a teacher librarian in the Pine Glen Elementary School Learning Commons in Burlington, Massachusetts. 

I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle through meditating, clean eating, strength training, yoga and cardio. I am an avid skier. I too love the ocean— where I yearn to breathe, sunbathe, talk, sleep, run, read, write, ponder, feel, and to just "be." I am struggling to learn how to surf.  I treasure traveling worldwide. I love quality espresso, cheese, red wine, and dark chocolate.  I trust the process through goal setting and reflection and I believe in the power of positive thinking. Beyond my dedication for my students, my goal is to positively change the world of education.

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